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One of the most common problems is broken springs but We can always fix it for you. Springs are among the most significant parts system because they carry most of the garage door weight with the support of the electric opener. There are two most common springs that are used for system – the torsion and extension springs. We have both kinds of spring with varying sizes and lifespan options.

Springs break when it finally reaches its life-cycle. Springs have a lifespan period and it is counted through the cycle that the door goes up and down. The standard springs have about 10,000 life cycles while there are high cycles springs that can reach up to 50,000 life cycles and that equal to 15 years of springs' usage. Broken springs are highly dangerous when it happened to break or snap with people nearby it. The tension it releases is so forceful than you could get severely injured when it hits on you. Not only can it happen when the springs break but it can also occur while replacing the old springs with the new one. While placing the new springs on place there is the tendency that it can accidentally retorts on you. Thus, never ever do the springs replacement by yourself unless you are a professional on such kind of task. Garage door springs can get yet injured or much worse, can get you killed.

Leave the task to us and you will have your garage door back to its smooth going operation. We have excellent technicians who perform their task with all safety and efficiency. Call us now and we will send our specialist to check on your broken springs. Spring replacement must be done with all accuracy. Our technician will need to check first your type and the kind of springs you use so then they will know what kind and size of springs they need to recommend for the replacement. It is important to consider carefully the size of the springs because the reasons sometimes why springs break is because the spring's size is not appropriate to the door's weight.

Springs are highly important to the system. Therefore, you must choose a spring products with excellent quality and our skilled technicians can provides you a numbers of spring options in their most affordable prices. Worn out springs must be replaced at once. Do not wait for it to get broken and cause an accident. The frequency of spring replacement depends on level of usage or the frequency that the garage door is being opened and closed.

Get in touch with us now and we will send to you our trained experts who are all well experienced with any sorts of spring replacement.

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